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Calvin Wayman is the Millionaire Case Study

Calvin Wayman is a regular guy turned author, entrepreneur, and a Millionaire Case Study—where he’s documenting the first story from zero to millionaire “as it’s happening!” In 2015, he was at a dead end. He found himself anxious, depressed, overweight, and in a mountain of debt. Feeling completely unfulfilled, he realized something had to change. He created a new vision for his life, and even with the responsibilities of a wife and a one-year-old, he suddenly quit his day job and decided to go after the life he envisioned. Since then, what he’s accomplished in such a short time has been nothing short of incredible. But it hasn’t been without heartache and pain. He’s known for not hiding the struggle we all go through as human beings, but sharing it openly—inspiring others that they are actually more capable than they can imagine.

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The hack to breaking comparison with your idols

Comparison is the thief of joy. It’s great to it’s great to have mentors. But where things can get tricky is when we put those mentors so far up on a pedestal that we tend to think that they are inherently different than us—almost not human.  The fundamental problem...

My Pull Towards Education

My Pull Towards Education

I have this gigantic pull, and I’ve had it all my life, for something more. I always felt I wanted to make a big difference in the world. Because of that, I always felt out of place. Almost like, did the stork drop me in the wrong area? Some may know that I grew up in...

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