I am so pumped to announce that I’ll be sharing the stage with the one and only Daymond John! It’s all happening at The Fast Inc. Business Accelerator event June 7-9 in Phoenix Arizona! 

Also, I am doing a **DAYMOND JOHN EVENT GIVEAWAY!** Win 4 tickets to meet Daymond John from Shark Tank! $1,188 VALUE!


1) ‘LIKE’ my Facebook Page (facebook.com/calvinwayman)
2) ‘TAG’ 3 of your friends you want to take with you to meet Daymond John

3) Enter to win here: woobox.com/qafj7p

We’ll choose a winner this Tuesday! (5/23)

This is going to be an EPIC event! I hope to see you there! GOOD LUCK!


(For event details, go to >> calvinwayman.com/daymondjohn)

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